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Working for Sensible Cannabis Law Reform in Kansas
KANSAS FOR CHANGE, INC is a Not For Profit Organization dedicated to serving the growing public movement for Sensible and Compassionate Marijuana Laws. 
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Dear Cannabis Reform Advocates, 

It is now time to turn petitions!
All petitions must be collected centrally in late June and early July. Once handed in petitions will be counted verified for current voter registration by the sedgwick county election office.

For the Wichita Campaign to End Criminal Penalties On Marijuana please bring or send petition signatures sheets to:
Peace Center 1407 N. Topeka (near 13th and Broadway)
M,W,F 11:00 am - 3:00 pm  
Call for other times 316-269-3729 or 316-263-5886. 

Signatures can also be sent to KFCI P.O.Box 8349 Wichita, Kansas 67208 or arrangements for pick up can be made at 316-737-5911.

We encourage petition campaigns in any Kansas municipalities, cities and towns and will share our information on what you need to do to get started.
Kansas for Change, Inc.
President: Esau A. Freeman
Secretary: Sharon L. Gordon
Treasurer: David Mulford

Board members:
Mike Morton
Russ Pataky
​Tresa McAlhaney
Attitudes about Marijuana (Cannabis) are changing across the country. Research about the uses for Cannabis and Hemp is supporting its effectiveness and safety for medical and other industrial purposes. The Drug War has focused much more on Marijuana than any other of the more dangerous drugs, and has utterly failed to reduce the consumption of Marijuana in the US. And yet, while 22 states have recognized the futility and harm of continuing to arrest and imprison people for their private use of Marijuana, we have work to do in Kansas before we can hope to have Marijuana available legally for patients who could benefit from it, or for others who wish to engage in adult use as an alternative to the more harmful effects of alcohol.

Our mission therefore, is to educate and advocate for changes in the law in three areas:

Medical marijuana,
Agricultural hemp, and
Legalization or decriminalization of marijuana for responsible adult use. 

We also work with other organizations addressing other impacts of the war on drugs, such as mass incarceration, asset forfeiture, and civil rights.

Please consider becoming a member and join us in our mission to provide a voice that reflects the changing public opinion regarding the drug war, and to achieve reform of Kansas laws including the passage of legislation to allow the beneficial use of medical marijuana, responsible adult use, and industrial hemp for farming.

Press "Contact Us" below to contact us. And make any donations or memberships by clicking on "Donate" below.  Thank you for your interest in our mission.
Wichita Campaign to End Criminal Penalties On Marijuana
Sign up for membership, or donate: 

Kansas For Change, Inc
P.O. Box 8349
Wichita Ks, 67208
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